Monday, October 10, 2016

My tricks to re-arrange my room spending as least as possible ♡

Hey little faeries!

As mentioned in one of former blogposts, I re-arranged my room by my own and tried to spend as least money as possible, cause I want to save up money to pay off my debts by the end of the year.

I want to share with you my little "tricks" to save money and still make your room pretty ♡

1. Declutter your room before you start anything else
That way it will be easier to figure out how much space in your cupboard/wardrobe/closet

2. Look if your parents have any paint leftovers, like on the attic or the basement storage.
|| My plan was to paint my whole room white, I looked for white paint. Luckily my parents had some buckets with white paint on the attic. || this may not be working for you, if you want another color. ||

3. Try to re-arrange your room without buying new furniture
|| While thinking about changing my room I draw the outlines of my room on a piece of paper and measured every piece of furniture that I had.
Next step was to think about which pieces have to stay on some specific place (for me it was my bed) and planned from this point on what I want to have next to it on the right side, and next to that, and so on. In the end I was able to throw two pieces of furniture out of my room and didn't even had to buy something new ||

4. Ask friends if they have furniture that they no longer want or need
Maybe one of your friends does re-arrange his room too?
|| One of my best friends did her room some months ago, and no longer wanted her desk and her chair, so I asked her if I can take it off her shoulders. She would have thrown it away, so she was happy not having to deal with it. I asked her how much money she wants for the stuff, and she said, I don't need to pay her at all. So I'm gonna invite her some dinner instead or drive her to Ikea to help her getting herself new furniture||

5. If you have to buy something, look for used products or sales
|| I had to get some wall shelfs, so I went on ebay and looked for some used Ikea shelfs ||

I hope some of these tipps might help some of you if you want to change anything about your room!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Big room decluttering / re-arrangement ♡ || phase 2 ||

Hey little faeries!

After I decluterred my room and when I brought my parents to the airport, I started to get everything out of my room, including my furniture. (except for what you see here because that was way too heavy)

I did take out as much as I could. In the end there were some pieces of furniture left, like my huge wardrobe, my bed, my couch and some shelfs.

Then, I started to paint ♡

It took me three days to paint everything cause I have very high walls and quiet a big room.
It turned out a little patchy at some spots but I'm generally totally happy how I manage it!

Look forward for part 3 and the upcoming video on my YouTube channel! ;3

Friday, April 8, 2016

Lorna Jane - Enchanted bra & tights ♡

Hey little sporty faeries!

It's been a while again, but today I want to show you what I got from Lorna Jane Active.
It's just too adorable, I have to show you what I got!

I ordered the Enchanted sports bra in size medium. It's a printed sports bra, with an adorable unicorn print! It's been a must have for me! It's just too cute! It is a medium support bra with removable padding and made from LJ Excel fabric

I also got the matching Enchanted 3/4 tights

My measurements and activity level

I have a small to medium B-cup since weight loss, so there isn't that much support needed as with larger breast sizes.
I work out 3-6 times a week. Normally I go to the gym at these days and do some cardio for warm up (usually 10min Crosstrainer) and then doing some excercises with the machines or with free weights.
Usually I don't do any excercises with any jumping or overhead.


Comfort ❤❤❤❤❤*
Fabric ❤❤❤❤❤
Support ❤❤❤❤❤
Sizing ❤❤❤❤
Design ❤❤❤❤

Comfort - very comfortable bra and tights. no cutting edges.
*I gave 4/5 hearts cause I have my nips pierced and the padding of the bra squishes them a little bit, so it hurts after wearing it a couple hours (which is actually not a quality deficit but a personal feel)

Fabric - awesome, soft fabric. No itching stitches. Soft material. Very good quality.

Support (bra)- very good support. the removable padding of the bra even provides extra support. 

Sizing Size chart (inculding european sizes); choose size M cause that's what normally fits me in workout clothes, but it says it's an size 38 (EU) which I usually wouldn't choose (normally size 40 or even 42 EU). Not sure if this is what fits me the best now, or if the sizing is somewhat large

Design - awesome, cute, unique print. Nice keyhole detail on the back of the bra. I just don't like that the tights are 3/4 lenght.


I love this set! It's amazing and looks so cute! Not disappointed at all! 
Very happy that I got it! ♡

Let me know if you have something from Lorna Jane too! 

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Big room decluttering / re-arrangement ♡ || the plan, the beginning and phase 1 ||

Hey little faeries!

End of March I started to cul and declutter my whole room in order to re-arrange and paint it.
I planned to do this for a while now cause I really didn't like my room anymore.
It's been like this for around 3 years. I never started to re-arrange it cuase I always said myself that I'm not gonna move out of my parents house soon anyway, so it would haven't made any sense to do anything to the room.
But now I'm saying this for so many years now, that I decided to do it now, no matter what.

My room started causing bad depression and anxiety so it was time to change something.

(I still plan to move out as soon as possible)

As I heard that my parents will go on vacation for one week in mid March, I made up an plan to change everything.
I didn't want my parents to know what I'm doing cause in the past my Mum tried to change everything that I wanted for my room and my dad wasn't very supportive ever in the past.

So two weeks before my parents went on vacation I started to throw as many things out as possible.

I throw out too large IKEA bags with paper. Stuff from school, like from grade 1 till the very last year. Broshures, flyers, old mails, boxes from deliveries etc.
I did also cull my makeup collection and my wardrobe.

I took really everything out of every cabinet/cupboard/closet that I had in my room and decluttered it.

Look forward for part 2 and the upcoming video on my YouTube channel! ;3

Thursday, March 31, 2016

How I save money ♡ || without a job ||

Hey little faeries!

I want to share some easy tricks to save up money, even if you don't have a job/big income.
Maybe if your still young enough to get an allowence from your parents, or from your family members.

Like, when I was younger, I did get 25€ every month from my parents, and additionally some money for Xmas or my birthday. All this money would be saved in an savings accout that I opened up when I was 10 years old.

As I got older I got more money from my mum, up until this day. This money will be transferred to my second bank account every beginning of the new month. But I don't have a job right now.
(unfortunatey I had to quit my job and didn't get a new one yet)

So here are my little tricks how I save up the small amount of money that I have every month

Open up an Savings account that you don't touch
unless there is a big emergency, like you have to buy a new car/aptop,phone etc. and save up for something big that you always wanted, like a trip to another country e.g.

Use piggy banks
- Pick a bill
Pick a bill in your mind (like 1€/1$ ; 2€ ; 5€/5$ ; 10€/10$ etc), and everytime you get that bill, you put it in your piggy bank. And whenever it is full, put it in your savings account
or - Throw all your small coins in it
Whenever it is full, go to your bank to get them changed into actual bills and put them into your savings account

Use the H&M Conscious concept to save 15%
For those of you who don't know this already, H&M has a special offer, where you bring them a bag of old clothes that you don't where anymore and they give you a coupon for 15% off of one item of your next purchase.
That way you can get rid of clothes that you no longer need or wear and also save up some money the next time ou buy something.
Read more in the following links:
H&M Conscious (DE site)
H&M Conscious (US site)

Right now, I have around 9 or 10 of these coupons in my purse, and I also gave some to my mum. So I can save quite some money this way.

Don't go to the cinema, make a movie night at home instead
there are places you can lend movies/dvds for a small amount of money.
make your own popcorn or other snacks (that way you can even make healthier choices too ;3)

Meal prep, instead of eating out
the money you spent on food while you're on the run will really add up and you won't even noticing until you see that you don't have much money left by the end of the month.
So prepare meals at home to take with you, like for school or if you meet with friends.
Also, don't meet friends at a restaurant. Go out and have a picknick instead or meet at one of your houses and cook together

Cut other Expenses
like a tanning membership, or any other memberships that you don't use

Simplify your life
get rid of stuff that you no longer need and also try not to get new things that you don't need, like anoher black tank top even though you already have 10 of them in your closet.

Create an wishlist for Holidays
For holidays or festives like Xmas or your birthday, create a wishlist e.g. on Amazon, which you can share via E-Mail to your family, and add things, that you would have bought anyway, or things that you really need, instead of wishing for things that you just want to have.

Look for Sales/Coupons if you have to stock up
if you have to buy new makeup cause what you have is already used up or about to be used up, watch out for sales. Some drugstores have weekly sales of different brands.
! but try not to buy in bulks, cause you'll end up paying more !

I hope some of my tips can help you too!
Leave me a comment if you do anything else or if you gonna try some of my tips ;3

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

I'm broke || still or again?

 Last year I finally got to get my drivers license. I've been saving money for this for 10 years then. Every allowence that I got from my parents went straight to an bank account which I barey touched ever.

Over the years I've saved up a bunch of money, but from time to time I had to get money off that bank account for some important purchases like a new laptop, workout shoes, or if I just didn't have any money left.

I aways thought the money I saved up would be enough for my license, but unfortunately that wasn't the case in the end.
I had to lend money from my parents.. they haven't set any time I have to pay it back, but I want to get off my debts as soon as possible..

The one problem is that I don't have any income currently..
I started working in a fitness studio back in September last year, but I had to quit this job shortly after again cause they didn't follow the contract.. and also as I did quit they didn't pay me for my last month.

Up until now I still didn't get my money and didn't get a new job even though I try to get one since then..

Hopefully there will be a chance for me to make some money any time soon!

The next post will be about tips how to save money when you don't have a job, so watch out for this ;3

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Cotton Candy - Candy Cane inspired sparkling Fairy Look ♡

Hey little faeries! 
I want to show you my 
Cotton Candy - Candy Cane sparkling Fairy Look

Yet I can't replace the non-cruelty free ones, cause I'm currently broke..
So I'm gonna use those up to the point where I can afford new makeup ~

- Products used in this video (cruelty free*) –

(1) Make Up RevolutionI Heart Chocolate palette – Stolen Chocolate 
(2) Rival de Loop Natural Touch Concealer – 01 (not vegan)
(4) p2 color up eye shadow – 130 wide awake (*! no longer cruelty free! )
(5) no name eyeshadow palette
(6) random glitter (got mine in a 1$ store)
(8) essence liquid ink eyeliner waterproof 
(/) Alterra Glanz Glamour Liquid Eyeliner - 02 silver (vegan)

brushes I used - bh cosmetics

(1) Kryolan lashes – 9374 SG-I
(2) essence Lash Princess volume mascara
(3) essence frame 4 fame lash glue
(4) essence – hidden stories – mascara topper – 01 wonderland’s next super fairy

♡ lips ♡
(3)Essence – Long lasting Lipstick – 20 get the look!


(1) Rival de Loop Long Lasting Nail Colour – 01 (clear)
(2) essence the gel nail polish – 33 wild white ways
(3) Rival de Loop Young Express Colour – 10 red passion
(4) p2 Sand style polish – 100 precious (*! no longer cruelty free! )
(5) essence effect nail polish – sparkling sugar – 02 baby, you’re a firework


Xmas Fairy Crushed Velvet dress - selfmade
Over-Knee Boots – H&M

♡ Accessoires ♡

Candy Cane ear studs - Claire's
White tunnel - Dear Santa, you better bring me my fucking unicorn this year - 8mm
(everything else is from Crazy Factory too)

I hope you all had a nice Xmas! 

And have a happy new year!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Trying to be back! ♡

Hey little faeries!

I'm soo sorry for not posting in the last couple of months again! ;3;

I've been very busy with university and work and stuff like that and haven't felt like I could actually post something interesting for you guys.
Nothing special happened this year unfortunately so there wasn't anything big to write about..

But now I planned to change everything and make my life more fun! x3

Some big changes have lead me to this point where I decided that I don't want to live the way I used to live. Right now I can't really talk about those things, but maybe I will some day.

The facts about my life right now are:

I'm student for Japan Studies
started an online course in Nutrition Coaching
Going to be more active on my YouTube channel
planning to have fun with lots of friends
planning to experience all kind of new things
broke as f*ck
looking for a job
going to realize my dreams about myself
and generally to have fun! ♡

My wish is to be happy (or happier at least) and so I'm planning to work hard for those things and I hope I'll meet a bunch of new people due my journey ♡

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Update: My vegetarian Lifestyle! ♡

Hey little faeries! ♡

End of January this year I wrote you a post about my vegetarian/pescetarian lifestyle in which I explained what I eat and what I avoid.
If you missed it or wanna re-read it, klink this link My vegetarian Lifestyle

After that, I had my so called "semi-vegan February" where I tried to eat vegan for the simple reason to feel better with my body.
(Semi-vegan for February)

In that "vegan-month" I learned to  love cooking and food even more than I already did before. I became much more creative and really appreciated the feeling the "clean foods"/vegetables and stuff gave me due that time.
(you can also re-read my conclusion about my experiences)

Since then, I tried to have more clean and vegan meals and so my eating habbits changed a little more!

It is very hard to think about all the things, so I may forgot something, but I tried my best!

As for food:
♡ still eat fish from time to time but it got a lot less!;  but I still call myself 'pescetarian' more often than saying 'vegetarian'; when I eat fish, I mostly  eat salmon or prawns if I do

× obviously I don't eat meat

♡ I do eat several meat substitutes (I may do a post about them)

♡ I do eat eggs

~ I do drink even less cow milk than before, but I still eat things, which include milk

~ as for my cheese addiction: I replaced most of my cheese slices for breakfast aswell as the cheese I put on my pizza and pasta with vegan cheese substitutes; I'm only eating real cheese as a snack now

× I try to avoid sweets with animal gelatin in it

~ I don't drink many juices, but I try to avoid drinking those cleared with gelatin. But when I really want to try something, I'd still drink it when gelatin is in it

♡ I do love Tofu! But unfortunately I don't eat it that often.. but I try!

♡ I eat honey, and always will since honey is one of the most healthiest things in this world

As for clothes and cosmetics:
× when I shop for cosmetics, I only buy from companies that claim to be cruelty free (all cosmetic products I still have from former times, I use up, and replace them with cruelty free ones, when I have to buy something)

~ when I buy new cosmetics when I used up my stuff, I try out products, that are vegan

♡ I do have some more apps, to get an overview about products that are cruelty free

♡ my hair dresser is a flagship salon of Paul Mitchell (which is a cruelty free brand)

× I don't buy clothes which include sheep wool or angora 

×  in winter, I also don't buy coats/jackets with any sort of fur trim, since there was the scandal about several animal hair types claimed to be fake fur; also I look for ones without down feathers

~ I may have taken or currently take medicine which may be tested on animals, but my point of view is: I could have died already without medicine, so I try to help stop animal cruelty due my lifetime, which is given to me du those medicines

There are many other things in life, which can be replaced with a vegetarian/cruelty free alternative, such as pillows, furniture, household cleansers, and all those household things in general. But I'm not at this point in life yet, cause I still live with my parents and they won't change a thing for that ~


♡ = I do eat/use/like/support  
~ = use sometimes/trying to avoid, but not fighting for it/I'm in conflict 
× = I don't use/eat/like/support

Some awesome YouTubers all around the theme of vegan lifestyle are Morgan JoyceCruelty Free QT's (Morgan Joyce and her mother)
Nicole GreenleafIra Vampira (german) Jess Vegan Lifestyle (geman) and sooo many more cute people!

I feel good the way I chose to live! 
Do what makes you happy!