Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween! ☆ミ

Hey guys ヾ(⌒∇⌒)ノ♥
I finally decided to start a blog!
I'm ⋈*。◕⏝⏝ ◕。 Fee,
 I live in Germany
I love Fairy kei ♥ pastel colours ♥ decora ♥
cute things
but also visual kei ♥ gyaru ♥ pastel goth ♥ creepy cute
Fashion idols I draw inspiration from:
Pastelbat, Angelica Sehlin (Murderotic),
Mio Pastel Raindrops, Pinky Decora Tralala,
Princesse Pudding, Sakochi, Tavuchi,
Lexi Bee, Liz Lee, Suiya Decopin
♥ ~ -- -  - - --。◕⏝⏝ ◕。--- - - - - ~ ♥
Yesteday, my favourtie day of the year arrived:
I really love Halloween!
But I think it should last much longer than just one day \(*`∧´)/
At school i wore my pastel pink ribbon print dress,
Flower - lace tights with over knee socks and a simple black cardigan.
And as the only special:
my lovely eyeball ribbon pirce ♥

I love these earrings ♥

After school I met my best friend and we went to

a popular shopping street called "Kurfürstendamm"
There we bought some Donuts at Dunkin Donuts,
went to the Manga / Comic Shop "Modern Graphics"
and then we had to hurry, because I had to go home,
so he went to Saturn to buy the new Assassins creed game
and I went to Claire's to buy some Halloween lashes ♥

 On Halloween they always have a sale for the Halloween items (*⌒__⌒*)

 Then we had so walk to the train station very fast to get my train.
I hurried to be at home on time.
There I changed my dress and my shoes,
because it was planned to go to a restaurant with my family,
like they do every year on Halloween.

I ate a yummy steak, fries and a salad.
It was very delicious
(⌒⏝⏝⌒) b

At the evening I had to learn for my biologie exam today.
So I made some tea and learned as much as I could

 It is so mean to have to learn on Halloween! ヽ( )`ε´( )ノ

Well, but in the whole it was a great day ♥

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