Saturday, November 10, 2012

Harayoku ☆ミ

Hey guys! ヾ(⌒∇⌒)ノ♥
I'm very tired every day since the time of exams began..
Its very hard, but I know that I have to manage it
because it will be much harder when I'll go to university in some years.
I'm too tired to do anything on weekend but my best friend said that I have to start to live..
It was hard to hear that but it's right
-  I have to change my life
So today I met my schoolmate Trucy
We went to a small shop called "Harayoku". I thought that it would be something special,
something Japan-themed because it is a play with the word "Harajuku", but it's just an sweets shop like every else ( ― O ― ;) ~
They sell waffles, crêpes, smothies and frozen yoghurt.
We bought some waffles.
My one with Oreo's, Caramel sauce and Chocolate ("Kinder Schokolade")
 Her's with white chocolate, strawberry sauce and Kiwis.
It was very delicous but they put too much chocolate sauce on top so it tasted more like chocolate than anything else ( ― O ― ;) ~
But nevertheless it was very delicous
(⌒⏝⏝⌒) b
When we finished eating we went to the shopping center, where we found a new stockings shop. It's a really nice shop, we fell in love fast ♥ But it was a bit too expensive.. So we didn't bought anything Then we walked through the shopping center and had a lot of fun ♥
Now I sit at home, drinking some tea and thinking about what I should do now
I planed to make my homework for school and to knit my scarf.. I really need a new one, a neutral one, in simple black. But I'm soo tired (=◇=;)
I'll go to bed now

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