Saturday, November 24, 2012

Japanese crepes ☆ミ

Hey guys! ヾ(⌒∇⌒)ノ♥

Last Friday, 16th of November, I met my schoolmate Trucy again. We went to the Crêpestation in Berlin. It's a japanes style crepes shop.

That's the official website:
Unfortunately they deleted the the overview of the different crêpes..
Here is another overview, which you can get in the shop.
The service is very good and the guy who prepares the crêpes is very friendly ♥

 I also have a stamp card and alsready 3 stamps on it. When I have 10 stamps I will get the 11th for free ♥
Well, last Friday Trucy and me choosed the same one: the strawberry custard fresh cream
It was very delicious ♥

But it was a bit too delicious.. We couldn't get enough and bought anoter one.
the Peach custard
That one is very very delicious. I think it's my favourite ♥

Normally I ate japanese crêpes at another place.. I always loved the crêpes at "Pom Pom's Crêpes" from Kuraoka-san.

It was as small and really really cute shop at the station Alexanderplatz in Berlin
In the corner of the shop was a pinnboard
where customers can leave a small note
or draw something

One day I was out with my best friends Chris and Kuro. We went there to eat a crêpe, because we missed it last time we met. When we came closer.. I couldn't believe.. The doors were closed and there was a piece of paper which said, that the shop is closed..

I stand there for several minutes because I was too shocked to move.. I really wasn't able to believe..

At Animexx it was written that the landlord didn't extend the rental agreement, but my friend Trucy told me, that she talked to Kuraoka-san and that she told her, that she has to go back to Japan because of her mother. It seems like she needs some help after the terrible earthquake and the Tsunami.

I really miss her and her shop. I always talk about her, when we talk about this kind of sweets.

I would have done anything so that the store would be preserved.
 Well.. know I can't do anything anymore..

The crepestation is another good place to eat delicious japanese crepes anyway ♥
And I always like to go be there ~

That's all about that theme!


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  1. Pom Pom forever <3
    luv luv
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