Monday, November 26, 2012

Sushi ~ Stay over ☆ミ

Hey guys! ヾ(⌒∇⌒)ノ♥

Saturday, 17th of November, I met my bestfriend Chris again. First I visited him at home, then we went to a supermarket to buy ingredients for Hawaii Toast for the next day, we broaught them home and went to the train station "Spandau" in Berlin to meet our friend Tava. When he finally arrived after some problems we all went to a very good sushi & vietnamese restaurant, called "Sy" where most of the sushi is lowered 50%
We had to wait outside in the cold because there was no free seat.

One of the waitresses braught us some tea to get a bit warmer from inside.

Then we got a place in the restaurant right in front of the big aquarium. Normally there are many fishes in, but this time there where just about 5 fishes.

We needed much time to decide what we want to eat. I suffered so long from not eating sushi that I decided to order some more than I normally do. But because of Chris, who ordered VERY much we had to wait very long..

When the food finally arrived at our place I was very hungry, but I had to laugh very much at first! Chris ordered so much that they had to bring a really big plate It was nearly twice of my one xD

I ordered Nigiri Ebi (cooked Shrimp), Nigiri Sake (Salmon), Maki Sake (Salmon), Maki Shakekawa (Salmon skin), Maki Tamago (jap. Omelett), Nigiri Inari ("Tofu bag") and Nigiri Tamago (jap. Omelett) again.
It was sooo delicious! ( >//∇//< ) ~ ♥
But it was a bit too much x.x

One of the highlights of this evening was this fish. He always seemed to stare at us. He always swam behind us, it was very creepy after a certain time. Then, it had become late, we all went to Chris at home. We played One Piece and Assassins Creed on Playstation 3 and then go to bed.
It was a nice weekend in the whole! ♥

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