Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Certification ~ presents ☆ミ

Hey guys! ヾ(⌒∇⌒)ノ♥
Some days ago I went shopping and found the lovely Bodycream "Zuckerschnute" by Balea
It smells so awesome! Like sweets! Fresh and sweet, i love it! That's why I also bought the Lipstick too! And at H&M I bought those new pairs of false lashes. They aren't perfect, but I think it was a good price. And my mum decided that I have to buy the Balea "Hüttenzauber" deo, too! It smells like candy apples!

On Friday, 21th December, (when world should end), we got our cerfitications at school. I think my marks are better, than I thought, but nevertheless  I want to improve my grades!When I came home, I showed it to my parents. They said they are very proud and then, they gave me two presents. I was very surprised about that o.o And they gave me so cute and lovely things! I was soo happy!
They bought three more of the Balea "Zuckerschnute" Bodycream, two more Lipsticks, another "Hüttenzauber" Deo and two "Hüttenzauber" shampoo. And a blanket from Hunkemöller, which perfectly matches with my leo pajama pants! and some fluffy socks in grey and grey-white leo. AND what was nearly the best:
my mum sewed little fluffy cusions, which make sounds, when you push it!
I love them! (theres the background: my cousin has a newborn child and for her, she sewed such cusions too. One day, when they layed around in the livingroom, it tested what sound they do. I laughed a lot, when I heared this, altough I was very angry before. It alwasy works!)

Later I went to Chris and we had a lot of fun until we met some other friends at a restaurant calles "Buenos Aires" in Berlin Spandau. First we had a plate with nachos together. I decided to take Salmon with rice and cream sauce. It was very delicous but I was very full after that meal xD

At the end it was clear: That wasn't the World's end!
I was very happy, that nothing happened that day.

The next day I met Chris again and we went to the "Spandau Arcaden". Suddenly it snowed very much o.o so we had to go to another place before we were able to go to the  Christmas market. We went to different stores and also met a friend of him and talked for a while. Then, when the snow was much more less, we walkes other the market.
I bought again another Balea Bodylotion (Cherry-almond) and a candy pear.

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