Monday, February 25, 2013

my favorite YouTuber

Hey guys!

This post, I'll tell you about my favourite YouTuber LeFloid!
He's a student in Germany and lives in Berlin, too.

Every monday he presents the so called "LeNews", where he's talking about things that happened in the world! There are themes like politics, amok and prejudices against gamers, prejudices of the curch, but also about new games, gaming consoles, the gamescom or YouTube meetings and about more special themes!

I really love his videos 'cause of his humor and how he presents himself and all the themes he's talking about! He's very honest and lively what makes me always feel better, when I watch his videos. I even had a period of time, where I watched his videos in bed with my phone, before I was going to fall asleep XD

So, if you're from Germany, or able to understand german, watch his viedeos! It's worth it!

That's the newest video, enjoy it!


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