Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine's Day ♥

'cause of japanese Valentine's Day tradtions I started to bake or creat sweets, I think two years ago. The sweets which were too much to give it to my former boyfriend got my friends in school. They loved them so much, that they asked me to do this again at next Valentine's Day. So I thought about what I could do this year to make them happy.
 Trucy asked me to make my fresh lemon cake but I thought that's too simple. So I decided to make Cake Pops for the first time. I wanted to try it and I thought that would be perfect: I can bake the lemon cake and make it special and manageable.

 So I searched for a recipe and began to bake after school at Wednesday. It was much too late, I really should have started at weekend, when i had more time to do it. ('cause Wednesday I had to learn for a Test, too). It wasn't hard to do it, but it took much time, so I had finished at 11 PM, so I was very tired and not really prepared for the test.
Next morning I learned for the test and wraped the cake pops. In each pack two different cake pops for my special one's ♥

I'm soo happy that they loved them! I was really afraid, that they could not be happy with it, but they all smiled when they tried them x3

Thanks to all of you who love my work so much! ♥ 

 School finished at 3 in the afternoon and was picked up by a friend. We went to my home were he tried to help me with the BlackBerry I use at the moment, before we went to my favourite italian restaurant with my parents.
We talked a lot, had fun and the food was very delicious! Dad and me had some pasta, homemade! ♥ And my mum and my friend had pizza, also very delicious ♥
AND the highlight for me: I had my favourite honeymelon liqueur! I LOVE it sooo much!
I would always only drink this instead of anything else if I could xD
Well, then we drove back home and had some more hours together.
It was very beautiful! ♥ 

I hope you had a good Valentine's day, too! ♥ 


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