Sunday, March 17, 2013

Dunkin' Donuts again

On Friday I had no school 'cause of some examinations of the lower classes of our school. So Trucy and me decided to go shopping to get everything for the Leipzig Bookfair on Saturday. When I went off to meet up with her, I saw at a station (where I had to change)my ex boyfriend, because there is his school. Unfortunately he didn't saw me. I really wanted to see his reaction. Well, than I met Trucy and we went to an asian supermarket to buy some stuff. Than we went to "Gesundbrunnen", where we ate a Donut at Dunkin' Donuts again. This one was more sweet than the last one and we didn't like it much. The "Osterkrokant" was better (and we want to buy it again xD). Than we went to "Kaufland" to buy some other stuff for our trip, but we didn't have a really good plan for it. And when we where there, we realised that we forgot to think about what Tava can eat xD So we had to think again. And when we where going to go back home, we decided to make the Tofu-Tomato-Recipe from Trucys mum and so we had to buy Tofu before we went home. There Trucy helped me deciding what I will where on Saturday and then we started to cook. We had lots of fun together!

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