Sunday, March 31, 2013

finally got my tragus pierced

Yesterday, when I came back home from my boyfreinds place, I planned to go to get a new piercing with my best friend Väni. We didn't do it for so long! Got my last piercings end of May 2011.. That's much too long. I love piercings so much! So we met aroud 4 pm. When we had to wait we got a bit nervous, like you always do, when you don't now what will happen. But when we had to sit in front of the piercer this feeling was gone. We felt good. First one was Väni. She got a small cute septum in her small cute nose. I really like how it looks! Happy that she decided to do it. It was her wish for so many years. Then, I got my tragus piered. And that was MY wish for many years! I was afraid that my tragus is to small, but the piercer even said 'wow, it's very huge. We could even stretch it xD'. Lucky me xD I'm so happy that I finally got it! *~* I love it so much! We we where very happy that we finally visited a piercer after such a long time. We already planned for a long time, too. On the picture you can see on the left me with my new piercing x3 And on the right is a photo of my complete right ear with all my current piercings. The only difference now is, that my aunt came today and gave me a 8mm stretcher so that I can stretch it more 'cause she gave me a 8mm plug from the tattoo convention we visited together. So now, I'm wearing a bigger stretcher :3
(finally last post for today xD)

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