Monday, March 4, 2013

party & brunch

Saturday, my childhood friend / best friend Väni celebrated her 18th birthday with family and some friends at her place. There was much alcohol and food, many themes to talk about and in the evening loud music and dancing. It was fun! And I saw some people I haven't seen for years. After midnight my bf caught me from her place spontaneous and we went to my place. There we drank some more alcohol, haha. It was a beautiful night! But in the morning I had to wake up early, 'cause my aunt and my uncle had planned to take me to a brunch again.. So we hadn't much time together, what was very pity.. Well, then I went to the "Black&White" turkish restaurant&cafe to have this brunch together with my aunt, my uncle and a friend of them. It was very delicious, but I wasn't able to eat much, 'cause my stomach hurted a bit this morning x.x  I even wasn't able to have a dessert! >o< But in the whole I had a nice weekend! ♥

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