Monday, March 11, 2013


Friday, my best friend Väni celebrated her 18th birthday again, this time, only with her female friends. Although, most of them came late, we had fun together before we went to go dancing. We had lots of pizza and although I now it isn't good to drink different alcohol at once we drank Batida de coco with orange juice, vodka, strawberry champagne and some mix beers such as Beck's Ice. We went to the club called "Annabelles" in Berlin, Wilmersdorf. There we got two bottles prosecco, as a gift, 'cause we were 10 girls. We were the first ones who danced on the dancefloor, but because we were ten, it wasn't that embarrassing. The music was okay, and the other people in the club weren't as bad as in the last club I visited in Berlin. I must say I have noticed that I do not particularly like german parties.. For me it seems like I don't have as much fun there as I had for example in Prague or Poland. That's very pity I think. But it was a funny evening/night with the girls!

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