Thursday, April 18, 2013

bad feelin' thursday

 That one Thursday I wrote about in the last post was a bad day. I had to wake up early. I haven't slept much 'cause I had to learn for an exam this Thursday. So I was very tired the whole day. When I came to school I was afraid that I could have forget to learn something I need to know but before the exam started I was thinking more positive.. with no reason.. I failed that exam 'cause there where to many questions to answer and not enough time to manage it.. So I was really depressed when I left the room.. Fortunately I didn't have any more lessons that day, so I was able to go back home. I wrote a textmessage to my boyfriend 'cause I needed someone to talk with and I hoped that he would say that we can meet - but he didn't.. He didn't even answered my message! So I sat at home drawing the picture for my blog-header, bored, depressed and feeling sick. My arm also still hurted from giving blood that morning.. It was such a bad feeling.. Three hours after I have send this message my boyfriend wrote: "when you are so bored, why don't you come over? :D" -.-* I got a bit angry 'cause its a bit longer way to go to him. That's why I wanted to go there right after school. So I thought about it and told my mum what happened the day and she said suddenly: "why are you still here than? Go to him!" o.o I was a bit surprised but took my things and left. It was very nice weather that day, it was warm and the sun shined. My boyfriend waited for me at the busstation. It was nice to see him and I even felt better from that on :3

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