Sunday, April 7, 2013

beautiful weekend

I finally arrived back at home now. I spend the last two days with my boyfriend at his place. I arrived there Friday about 3 pm. Than we cuddled until we had to leave the house 'cause he was going to meet a friend. So we met him around 6 pm and went to the Alexanderplatz (center of Berlin). There they bought concert tickets for The Legend of Zelda Orchester. After that we went to the shopping center Alexa to eat something. The boys went to an asian small restaurant. I got a message from I friend I haven't seen since the holiday in poland last summer. We planned to meet for long time and he wrote me, that he will come along to the Alexanderplatz. So I went to the station to wait for him. It was nice to see him again. Than I went back to the guys, there we talked a little more and hoad some fun. Around 7 pm we went back to my boyfriends place. We actually wanted to play his favorite video game Monster Hunter but we were so tired, that we just lay in bed and cuddled again. Later we fell asleep but didn't remember how it happened. In the middle of the night we woke up and cuddled again until we fell asleep again. Saturday we stayed in bed for long time, talked and cuddled. Then we talked about food and suddenly he wanted to buy stuff to cook. So we went to buy ingredients. We came back around 8 pm, so it was very late and we were tired again. He was so nice and kind all the time. He said so beautiful things! ♥ And he cooked for me x3 It was a lovely time ♥

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