Thursday, April 18, 2013

doctor doctor doctor ~ stupid accident

On Thursday I had to wake up earlier than I usally have to on Thrusdays, because I had to go to the doctor for giving blood. I need a special blood value (creatinine) for a MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging). I have to do it again, because I have still problems with my knee. The background is: one morning (2012) I had to go back home before I went to school 'cause I forgot something at home. So I hurried back and walked fast upstairs on the escalator to be faster. Suddenly Trucy called out for me and I wantched around to know where she is. Then I tripped and fell with my knee on the jagged edge of the escalator..
I never had bad luck on a Friday the 13th until that stupid day.. -.-
Well.. That's why my doctor said he wants to make a MRI again to see if something changed or if something became more worse. But I needed this special blood value to do it. So I went to a doctor this Thursday morning. When I have waited some minutes I suddenly remembered that I'm scared of giving blood and that I wasn't alone when I had to do it ever! (it longs time ago that I gave blood) Than I became really afraid x.x
Normally the nurses, or whoever tooks the blood, is able to find a good point to get blood out of my arm 'cause you can see my veins very good. But this time it was different. She wasn't able to get a good one (don't know why -.-). When I went back home 'cause I had so much time left my arm began to hurt o.o Never had this before. When I was at home I saw that is going to be blue. The first two pictures are taken right after the doctor. The third picture was taken when I came back from school that day, when it hurted even more. And the last one is from now. Its getting bigger and bigger and more green every day >< Looks like I'm going to be a zombie ><

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