Friday, April 19, 2013

Dunkin' Donuts again

Last Wednesday school ended at 1 pm.. for all students, except me (and my class) -.- So Trucy had to wait until I was finally allowed to go. She sat next to me in class and read a book and somethimes laughed silently. Sometime she read some funny parts aloud for me xD Was funny! When school finally really was over we went to Dunkin' Donuts again to get another "Osterkrokant" 'cause season of easter was over so they will not be in the shop any longer.. I love that one Donut so bad! >o< It was very delicious again. And I bought another shoulder-/hand-bag! Love it! Will post a picture soon!

On Friday last week school ended 1 pm for Trucy and me. Some days ago we talked about eating some fries at 'Frites van Holland' 'cause they are very delicious! I told her that I haven't ate them for a long time and really want to eat them again, but have nobody who wants to go there too. Than Trucy said that we should go there on Friday after school. It was very delicious! And we'll go there today again xD

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