Wednesday, July 31, 2013

back from vacation

Well, yeah! I'm back in Berlin. It was a.. well.. don't know what it was.. It's was in a way nice but also horrible.. so.. Well but first tellin'

Saturday, 13th July, my mum and my boyfriend brought me to the train station.. The rest (the other families we went to vacation) already went early in the morning by car. Charly had to do something important so she had to go by train. And me.. My father had an very important appointment that monday after so that my mum and my dad wasn't able to go to vaction on weekend. So I had to go by train with Charly.. But I have to say it wasn't that horrible o.o In the evening I prepared my single(!) bedroom (first time without my parents in a room) and took out things I needed and fell in bed. The following days were horrible.. most of them were stressed about different (in my opinion unimportant) things and I had nobody where I can hide me. So in the evenigs I was most time alone in my room, while the other had their family members to talk with.
I was soo happy that my parents came on Thursday! And they also brought my boyfriend! I wasn't alone any longer. But there was the also the point where it got horrible, 'cause my father and me had another extreme fight and he even said that he'll throw me out of their appartment.. My mum said that will not happen, but I don't want to live here much longer.. But thats another story.
It was wonderful that I had my boyfriend with me! We even came closer to each other I think, 'cause it was like livin' together. And we lived on very less space in that one room together.

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