Monday, August 19, 2013

Melon Kiss by Nikis Cakes ☆彡

When we came back from Poland I spend the last week of summerholiday with my boyfriend. He played his videogame on the Wii U while I was surfing with my mobile phone at tumblr and facebook. On tumblr I saw so many pictures of delicious cakes and sweets, that I remembered to watch for the Nikis Cakes site at facebook. There was a big surprise: there was an announcement that they need someone to work there! I was sooo happy 'cause it was my wish since I first went to this shop. I got very nervous and so on, thinking about what to write. On that one night I prepared the application form at my boyfriends computer. On monday after that days I sent it via mail. On Tuesday I still wanted some cake because of the pictures at tumblr soI went to Nikis Cakes. It was an embarrassing situation 'cause he remembered that I sent him the application the day before xD Some days later I got a mail that I should tell them when I would be able to work there. Unfortunately my timetable from school doesn't fit to what they needed, so I didn't got the job now. But he was very nice and even asked me to try the Melon Kiss Cupcake and give a statement. That's how this picture was taken. And it was a reeeeally delicious one! It's my new favourite I guess ꒰*´ω`*꒱♡*.

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