Thursday, September 19, 2013

Friday School and grandma's birthday

Hey guys!
Last friday was another stupid day at school ~ One stupid lesson Chemistry, where we haven't done anything! Then I found out that my English teacher is ill again, so I had two lessons off and had nothing to do.. I just watched an episode of Kawaii International but the quality on my mobile phone was terrible so I didn't continued watching after the half of th video.. It was soooo boring! And it seemed like it wouldn't end! Finally Trucy came from her german class. I was so bored that I decided to make a stupid camera shooting xD
Was so funny but stupid, 'cause we knew that we will not have any fun in the next lessons..
After school my boyfriend picked me up. I thaught he'd be late but he wasn't! Was so proud :3 haha!
We went home to get ready for my grandma's birthday. But at home my boyfriend needed to take a nap.. So he slept while I dressed up XD
Planned my outfit some days ago but in reality it doesn't looked like I thought ~
He hates it when I wear 'high heels', 'cause he so small next to me xD I don't like it too.. Never can wear beautiful shoes when we meet o: I love feeling small next to people so I normally wear falt shoes :3

At my grandma's birthday we ate all together ~ It was sooo much to eat x.x Horrible, like always ~

After meal I decided to make another stupid camera shooting XD So stupid, sorry ~
I ate too much! (=◇=;)

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