Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Meet up with Kuro ☆彡 Purikura with A-chan ☆彡1st shoes for Emma


 On Monday I met my lovely Kuro-kun again, like every Monday after school x3 This time we just sit there and talked, talked, talked ~
It was soo much fun again!
Later I finally met A-chan again, after months! o: We met to take some Purikura together and I love them!
 After that we went to a small restaurant and ate some noodles ~
We also talked, talked, talked x3
When I finally got home, walking upstairs to our apartment, my Mum and Emmas Mum came downstairs with Emma. THey told me they want to buy the first shoes for Emma to help her leraning to walk ~
I hurried upstairs, changed my shoes to some more comfortable ones, and hurried downstairs again x.x
It was such a hard day, but it was also very nice! Was so happy to meet them all again! ♥

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