Friday, September 20, 2013

Need money! (T▽T;)

Right now I feel very poor ~ Don't have money for anything..
From beginning of October this year I'll get the money my mum gets for me ('Kindergeld') will be mine every month ~ But from that on I have to pay everything by my own ~
The problem is, I guess that it will not be enough to handle all the things which are planned or which has do be done in 2014 ~
Today I wrote a list about these things and calculated how much it could cost.
The first things I have to do are to attend the driver license school/lessons and to write applications for my future education ~ I also have to think about studing right after school instead..
The dirvers license could cost 1.500€ if I don't do well or have a bad/expensive school x.x
Also my mobile phones are all going to dye. Like I already told in one of my former posts my japanese mobile phone doesn't work anymore 'cause the so called Hypersim is broken. Without that adaptor for my SIM card it doesn't work here in Germany!
The blackberry my boyfriend lend me in the beginng of the year doesn't work anymore too.. And the one he bought for me 'til I get a new one (which doesn't happened until now), is going to die too (=◇=;)
So the next step will be to buy a new mobile phone ~
I keep an eye on the Blackberry Q10, but it also costs 550€ right now (x_x;)
In October the new Pokémon game for Nintendo 3DS will released in Germany too ~ I don't have the Nintendo 3DS right now, so I have to spend about 45€ for the game and another 180€ for the console
In spring / sommer 2014 I also want to move out and move in with my boyfriend. Although I already have lots of stuff for our future apartment (will make a post about it when I have some free time) we still need some things, especially like furniture and electronics like refrigerator, water heater, toaster, microwave, dishwasher and washer.. And that will cost soo much money again (x_x;)

I need a new computer 'cause my Laptop is already old and doesn't work very well.. I don't know how much it will cost, I just calculate about 1.200 € for a really good one and I finally wanna play TERA again!

In July 2014 I will get my A-level, so there will be a prom, a vacation, some motto shirts, the yearbook.. For prom I'll need a dress and I heard that these prom dresses are very expensive, like about 150€ ~The shirt and yearbook will cost about 30-40€ I guess and the vacation will cost about 600€.. and that's way too much!

I'll definitely not be able to pay all these things by my own just by getting the money from my mum!
So I have to look for a small job to earn some money in addition to school (・_・;)

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