Sunday, September 15, 2013

New arrivals from ma'rs and Princess Melody ☆彡 WANT!

 Hey guys! ♥

Lately  I found my passion for gyaru fashion again while reading blogs from gyarus all over the world ~ I read a lot about their favorite brands and stores and so on, so I started to look for clothes I like ~
Some days ago I found some new arrivals from two of the favorite stores ~
These two are from MA*RS
The first outfit I like because it's a fluffy fabric and I LOVE fluffy things x3
The second one I like because of the print. Normally I don't like the print of ma*rs but that one is more decent and lovely, I think :3

And these ones are from Princess Melody
Since I'm interested into Hime Gyaru again I found some blogs were some lovely girls say that Himena Osaki is their favorite model and that Princess Melody is an popular brand.
I just fell in love with these two dresses! They are soo cute and lovely!
I like the black x pink one very much ~ lately it's my favorite color-combination x3


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