Wednesday, September 4, 2013

nice weekend with my boyfriend! ♥

Hey guys! ♥
I spend the last weekend at my boyfriends place this time.. My partens wanted to have a weekend as a couple ~
We met on Tuesday, when I was ill, so he was ill too on Friday x.x I felt so sorry for that ~
But nevertheless we went to a Vegetarian Festival on the Alexanderplatz Berlin on Saturday ~
 It wasn't very special and it was soo crowded >< And it even began to rain ~
As you can see.. we shouldn't have left the house that day..
The next day we spent in bed, just laying around.. It was the best in our opinion xD
He was so nice, first made breakfast and later even cooked some noodles with cheese for us x3

It was an awesome and beautiful weekend! ♥

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