Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Purikura Collection until now ☆彡

Hey guys! ♥
Today I wanna show you my collection of Purikura pictures until now ~ It isn't much but I love them all! And they all have a meaning to me ~ positive and negative!
The first one I ever took was in Düsseldorf in the OCS Japan Store. I went there with my former boyfriend to the Japan Day 2012 and met Kukki and Yune and her friend Viki. We all went to the OCS to take some Puris ~ Kukki helped me and my boyfriend 'cause we haven't had any ideas how to use it, and that's how my first puris we're born :3
 I like them and it was so much fun! ^O^
The next ones are also taken in the OCS store in Düsseldorf but in another Purikura machine. This time I was all alone in Düsseldorf and so I took them alone. Was a bit confused and helpless but I managed it ~ I don't like them much and there were two others on the sheet but they were just shity o:
Unfortunately they became very bright o:
Now we have a Purikura also in Berlin and so I decided to take some with my best friend Kuro! x3 Trucy was bored and so she came with us xD It was so much fun! And I really like the result ♥
Aaaand this monday I met A-chan finally again after months! And everything I can say is again: It was so much fun and I love these pictures! x3
 Hope to get tons of them in future! ♥

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