Monday, September 9, 2013

small post about today!

 Today's moning I overslept 'cause I wasn't able to sleep in last night ~ Hate the night when I'm alone the first night D:
My dad came into my room to wake me up ~
Then needed to hurry to get ready for school..
Normally I meet my best friend Kuro on Mondays but 'cause it rained the whole day we said we'll skip it this time o:
I was soo happy when I heared that it will be colder that day and will rain x3
Can't stand these hot days anylonger x.x

 That's my today's coordinate ~

 Some minutes later I was dressed in my pajama again xD
And I finally decorated my nails again ♥
 And these lovely room shoes I got from hunkemöller ♥

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