Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Weekend with my dear bf ⌒゚*.♡

 for posting the weekend stories some days later always x.x At the end of the weekend and on Mondays I'm always busy so that I can't write at time ~

This weekend I spend time with my boyfriend of course, like we always do ~ We wanna use the time where we can spend Friday, Saturday and Sunday in following until we have to work on Fridays again O:
I can't wait to move in with him 'cause I hate to decide where to go at the weekends ~ And even more I hate, when one of us has to leave when the weekend is going to end..

Since my boyfriend has much time now he isn't able to sleep.. I guess it's because he has nothing to do, to work out 'til he just wants to sleep..
In the night from Friday to Saturday he wasn't able to sleep 'til 6 am, when my mum already woke up o.o I fell asleep very fast and always when I woke up (like I always do very often when I'm not alone) I saw him, laying next to me, mostly looking at his mobile phone to get tired.. I felt so pity for him, but always fell asleep again.. He just said to me, that I should wake him in the morning, so that he will may be tired enough the next night..
 When I woke up and he finally slept.. Felt so cruel to wake him D:

When we had breakfast together we started to dress up and stuff, getting ready to leave the house. We haven't done something special outside for weeks ~ Just going out to have some food to cook o:
We decided to eat some sushi 'cause I haven't ate it since November ! D:
But first we went to the Purikura maschine we finally have in Berlin to take some couple shots x3

I like the result but my scanner seems not to work very well right now.. Maybe I'll try to make it biger on another fotomaschine like I did with my first puris ~ He choose the pink couple theme for us, which I really liked x3 He choose it by himself :D Unfortunately my eyes look different and his eyes are a bit too feminin, I think ~ But in the whole I really like them! Especially 'cause we had so much fun together taking the pictures and decorating them ~ He's just like - decorating them just a bit, not to overloaded xD My absolutely favorite one the is upper right one x3 I was just spontaneus! Unfortunately I haven't take a look on the motiv the background had already so I got the 'Love Chu' right on my face xD Nevertheless I love that one!

 After we got our Purikura sheets we went to my favorite sushi restaurant! I haven't ate any other sushi but I compared the offer of different restaurants friends recommented and have to say, I just love the sushi in this restaurant x3
Ate Nigiri Sake (Salmon), Maki Sake (Salmon), Maki Shakekawa (Salmon skin), Maki Tamago (jap. Omelett), Nigiri Inari ("Tofu bag") and Nigiri Tamago (jap. Omelett) again.
It was sooo delicious! ( >//∇//< ) ~ ♥

After that we wnet to the Alexanderplatz to look for a movie, but there wasn't any movie we liked to watch so we went to Saturn, because it was one of the last shops which were opened at this time ~
There we watched for lot of things, for example I had the Blackberry Q10 in my hands, which is still the mobile phone I want right now ~
Just tried out the keyboard xD

It was such a nice weekend! ꒰*´ω`*꒱♡*.

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