Saturday, November 16, 2013

So much to do and no time to post ~

Hey guys! ♥
It has been a while now ~
Lately I have many things to handle and to manage somehow, what mainly doesn't work.
I have less time to do things I should or I would like to do.
So here is a shortened story of what happened since end of September ~
I finally met my beloved Kuro-kun again! x3
And we got a Donut for free from Dunkin Donuts,
and I finally ate Melona icecream again x3
I got a new nailpolish, which I really like. ♥
My boyfriend finished my Pokémon Blue Edition
and the Pokémon addiction began.
He showed me the 'MISSINGO'
We bought the Nintendo 3DS XL, for me in white, his in black,
One day before the realease we bought Pokémon X and Y (mine X, his Y) ♥

I painted my nails in Pokémon Design
with Sylveon on my Ringfinger and a pink Pokéball on my thumb.

After so many tries I finally got my Sylveon! ♥

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