Monday, January 27, 2014

October to New Year ~ 2013/2014

Sorry, that I haven't post for such long time but I really didn't feel like it, especially 'cause it's now the last year of school for me and final exam are about to come up soon and I had to prepre a lot of things for it.
So I will sum up what happened since my last post:
On the day of Halloween, when I had the dinner date with my boyfriend, I haven't dressed up very well for the cold weather outside, so I became a bit ill..
After the following Halloween Party on Saturday it became much more worse,
'cause I wore even less ~
Well yeah.. On Saturday my boyfriend and me went to a Halloween Party of his best friend Mandy.

Finally got my appointment at the hairdresser!
Hate my hairdresser from now on! Waiting for an appointment so long and then getting a call, that she's ill..AGAIN!
It's was the same when I needed a new hairdye before my birthday this year!
I really needed to get my hair dyed! >< Looked so horrible!

So happy that I got one before christmas anyway! ;3;
(somehow the picture is wracked D:)

And wasn't able to take a good picture of the new haircolor, so it will be in one future post ~

I spend christmas eve with my boyfriend and my family at my grandparents place like every year.

After christmas days I felt like my boyfriend and me grew even more together what made me very happy! ♥

New Years eve I spend with my boyfriend aswell but without my family this time. I was like I just want to have some 'silence' (if that's possible in Germany on New Years -.-) without any party games and stuff. We just layed in bed cuddeling, chatting ~


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