Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Nintendo 3DS special post ♥

Hey guys! 
In this post I want to show you several things about my Nintendo 3DS experience
and some gets and.. well scores?
My boyfriend and me went to buy the 3DS XL
(I miss my pink hair so much ToT)
 This was my Outfit of the day, I just tried something new ~
He bought himself the black one and Pokémon Y (the next day)
and I bought the white one with Pokémon X ~
We're a real contrast to each other xD
From that day we played a lot together xD
And I breeded a lot of eggs, trying to get shome shinies ~
At the beginning Spritzee and my Sylveon were my most favourtie Pokémon! *~*
I also bought some cases to protect my new baby from scratches ^^'
This is my 'list' of shinies, I was trying to get ~
(yeah I know, the pink Slyveon isn't shiny but i rellay love it! xD)
So far I got Shiny..
~ Pumpkaboo XL
~Bucklett/ Swanna
~ Goomy/Sligoo/Goodra
~ Horsea/Seadraking
~ Mareep/Ampharos
~ Clauncher
aaand.. I guess that's all?
And on Christmas Eve I finally got Animal Crossing New Leaf! *~*
But I started the game all over some days later,
'cause I didn't like anything about my town xD
Until now I got quite far ♥
Somethimes, I'm playing ACNL all day long xD
I really love that game! ♥
Now I'm always playing Animal Crossing
while he is playing Bravely Default xD
Last Saturday my boyfriend and me met my best friend
Kuro and his girlfriend at his place and played WiiU games
and WiiU chatted with Kuro best friend and his girlfriend,
all playing ACNL xD
..except of my boyfriend ^^'
Soo.. He bought the game the Monday after xD
Now we're playing together nearly every night ♥
Well.. That's all so far I guess ♥

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