Thursday, April 10, 2014

Stupid Virus D:

Hey guys!
Yesterday I wasn't able to use my laptop and so I couldn't write another blogpost xD
Yesterday morning, I started my computer, just to read a QR code for Animal Crossing..
But then..
That "GVU Trojaner" appeared on my desktop ~
I couldn't do anything, although I already knew things about that virus.
But it seemed like it was already modified to be even more aggressive..
First I tried to over come it by myself..
But I couldn't change anything..
So my boyfriend came along after work to try it..
He sat there until 0:30 am.. I felt so sorry.. I was too tired to stay awak the whole time, but he sat there and tried, tried, tried..
But in the end, he got it!
Well, atleast I can use it again. We're not sure, if it is really gone, but it works now again.
I guess I have to buy a new one finally xox;
But I'm so happy, that he was so nice to help me!
You're my hero! ♥

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