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My stretched ears experience - THE ALL WRONG WAY!

Hey guys! ♥

In this post I want to show you everything about my stretched ears experience ~
It is definitely the WRONG way!! So DON'T DO THiS!!

After this post, I'll prepare another post about my ears, trying to show you, how you're supposed to do it, at least in a better way.. The opinions about "the right way" to do it vary a lot ~

In June I tried to stretch my ear lobe to 8mm/0g again, but it was much too fast!
I just pushed it through and changed to my flesh tunnel immidiately..

After this it was wracked and looked like this:
It already healed a bit, 'cause I reacted with much care right after it,
but as you can see, it has splited a bit..

But that wasn't my only fault about it..
It is a long story of wrong decisions and the wrong method..
I want to show you what happened all the way.

I started stretching my left ear lobe in September 2009, when I just turned 15
That was the point where it was already wrong..

In following I'm gonna sum up
- what I used
- what was generally wrong

Here is a picture of what I used to stretched:
1. normal sized earring with a thicker snail-part        7. 6mm/2g snail
2. needle of a regular compass                                 8. 3mm/8g snail
3. Hello Kitty safety pin                                           9. 8mm/0g snail
   4. 2mm/12g snail                                                    10. 8mm/0g tunnel
   5. 4mm/6g snail                                                     11. 6mm/2g tunnel
6. 4mm/6g tunnel                                                                          

What was wrong:
- the things I've used we're all acrylc
- I used non-piercing materials (the needle and such)
- I didn't kept it clean, never ~ nothing
- I stretched way too fast, and with way too short waiting periods
- bought the things in a shop which wasn't a piercing shop
- I did it without my parents allowence
- my lobe was shot with a gun/wasn't actual pierced
(back then when I was 4 years old)
- I skiped several sizes

The following part will explain it detailed
(I warn you, it's a long story and I include many pictures, to make it clear)

That thing in my lobe isn't even a expander snail.. It was a normal sized earring with was supposed to look like one. I tried to get the thick part through my lobe, but it didn't worked at the beginning, so I started to pull at it to stretch it out a bit more.. Somewhen it went through

Later I did that with a more heavy Hello Kitty safety pin, which had a similar size like the earring before.

And then I changed to a needle of a regular compass, the kind you use in math class.

Then, I decided to buy real stretching spirals, so I bought a white arcylic spiral..
Additionaly I have to say, that the shop where I my first ones, isn't a real piercing shop, but just sells some expanders/tapers and plugs. And they always failed to hand out the right size (what I found out years later).
So at first I asked for a 2mm/12g, but I'm pretty sure that I got a 1mm or 1.2mm/16g..

The next spiral I bought at that shop was supposed to be 3mm/8g but was a 4mm/6g -.-

 In following I had an on-off relationship with my stretched ear.. I took it off, went back to a smaler size or stretched it again ~
1mm or 1.2mm/16g
1mm or 1.2mm/16g
And then I stretched the first lobe to 4mm/6g again and the second lobe hole-thing to 1mm or 1.2mm/16g..
And the first to (how I thought) 5mm (it was 6mm) and the second still 1mm or 1.2mm/16g
5mm (6mm/) and second on 3mm/14g
And then I had to take out the 3mm/14g 'cause as you can see, the inner part of the spiral went into my flesh 'cause it was a too small diameter..

You can't see it well, but I wore 5mm/4g (6mm/2g) and 1,6mm/2mm (14g/12g)
Still 5mm/4g (6mm/2g) and took out the second

Then I had to take it out immidiately 'cause my father saw my ear and asked me, if this is stretched.. And I wasn't allowed to do it and my parents never knew, so I had to take it out ~
normal earrings

5mm/4g (6mm/2g)

My aunt, who also has stretched ears, gave me her 8mm/0g snail

8mm/0g snail                                     8mm/0g tunnel

My boyfriend bought me an 6mm/2g glass plug on the Tattoo Convention Berlin 2013,
which I decided to wear on my 19th birthday 

After that, I changed back to 6mm/2g tunnels only, cause I've always been afraid, that the 8mm/0g could be too much for my lobe

Back to June 2014

I took the tunnel off immidiately when I felt that something was wrong and saw that it was splited a litttle.

I cleaned it as good as I could, but only had one single piercing cleansing thing at home.

I took the jewelry out after that, and left it like this ~
I hoped that it would close, when I keep it off for some weeks/months.

It did, but not completely.

(it was around a 3mm/8g, but I'm gonna tell you this in the next post about my stretched ears ~)

I'll say it once again..


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  1. Yeah 15 years old is definitely too young to stretch your ears. To do it you have to have knowledge, right materials and of course patience, which are essential things that 15 years old girl doesn't have :P
    Great blog, I'm happy to be new follower (^w^ ) xoxo♥