Saturday, January 10, 2015

LUSH cosmetics HAUL ♡ cruelty free and vegan ♡

Hey little faeries! 

Whenever I was at the gym, I went to a shopping mall near by, and there I found a LUSH shop ~
I never was a big fan of it, because of it's extreme smell in the shop.
But somehow I got over it, and after Xmas there was (and still is) a big SALE with 50% off ~

And soo.. this happened

Like I said.. Whenever I was at the gym I went to the LUSH shop near by..
I normally go at least 2 to 3 times a week..
And so as you can see, I bought a bunch of stuff ^^'

I just can't resist it ;3;

I don't want to open it right now, but I'll tell you what's in it:
(from left to right)

♡ 'Magic Wand' Bubble Bar
♡ Liquid Lipstick, color 'Charm'
♡ 'Cinders' Bath Bomb
♡ 'Snow Fairy' Shower Gel (3.3 fl. oz)
(The big bottle 16.9 fl. oz I bought last winter)
♡ 'First Snow' Dusting Powder
♡ 'Snowcake' Soap
♡ 'Unicorn Horn' Bath Bomb

It's all Limited Edition and except for the 'Unicorn Horn' it's all from the holiday season.
The 'Unicorn Horn' is from the brand new upcoming Valentine's Day season ♡

I'm gonna do a seperate Blogpost to each of the items when I used it ♡

I'm thinking about buying even more things from the SALE ~
I hope I can resist..

..but I guess I don't have a chance ;_;

Have you ever tried something from LUSH?
What do you like about it? ♡

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