Monday, January 26, 2015

LUSH 'Snow Fairy' shower gel ♡

Little background story:
The first time I saw the 'Snow Fairy' was on tumblr some years ago. At that time I didn't even know LUSH, so I googled the Snow Fairy. There I read that it is a litited edtion only in winter. Most of the time that means for me, that I'll never get a hand on that product. But some time later (I don't know if it was some months or years) I went peast a LUSH shop and saw the lovely pink Snow Fairy bottle in a show chase.. ON SALE! I had to buy it! (so it's the big bottle I show you now)

When I smelled it in the shop, I was in love at first! I was a lovely sweet cotton candy- like smell, which I loved!
But when I came home, I showed it my mum. For her it was too sweet, but I didn't care. When I smelled it again and again, there was a point were it reminded me to something, but I didn't know what it was at this point.

When I took my first shower with it, I suddenly knew to what it reminded me..
It was my childhood toothpaste! ;_; From that on, I wasn't happy with it anymore, cause it felt weird to shower with this.. I always thought I shower with my toothpaste ;3; It was a pity ~ So I stoped using it at that point.

In autumn last year I thought I should at least try to use it up. It just stood there on my shelf ~ And I remembered, that those products are made fron natural ingredients, so that they'll be gross at  some point ~

I used it from that point, that it wasn't a waste of money ~
I learned to deal with it scent and now I even like it. I really do! ♡

  new bottle                                                                        old bottle

I don't know why the color and the texture of the old and the new bottle are so different. I guess it is their 'age' difference ~
And I don't know, maybe I'm not good with the strong scent, but when I inhale too much of it, for example, when I finished showering, when I dry my body with a towel, I start to cough ~ I don't know!

Some weeks ago I tried to shave my legs using the shower gel, cause I always do it with shower gels instead of shaving things.
And I'm so positively surprised! It worked VERY good and.. OH FAiRYGODDESS! My legs were sooo smooth afterwards! *Q* Soo amazing!

Some people say, that their skin is very dry after using it, but I can totally disagree with it! I love to use it now! I'm even thinking about getting another big bottle for this year, til next Xmas-time ~ Maybe, maybe ~

I can really recommend this to anyone with a very strong sweet tooth, especially for cotton candy! I know that it can be too strong and too sweet scented for some people, but I absolutely love it know! 

LUSH website product description ♡

LUSH website 'Snow Fairy'

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