Monday, January 19, 2015

LUSH 'Unicorn Horn' Bubble bar ♡ #theydoexist

Little background story:
One night I wasn't able to fall asleep and kept thinking about my new awesome LUSH-gettings ♡
So I visited the Lush website in the middle of the night and found the new category 'Valentine's Day'
I don't make a big deal out of Valentine's Day, but what I love about is all the pink stuff, the sweets, and it's the anniversary with my boyfriend now ♡

Last weekend, right after I bought it, my boyfriend and me decided to have bubble bath together. We chose the 'Unicorn Horn' which I originally bought for Valentine's Day, since it's a Valentine's Day product ~ but then I thought that's stupid and we decided to use this one ♡

And I have to say, it smells AMAZING! ♡ I looooce lavendula in any form, but in that mixure with ylang ylang.. ahh! ♡ LOVE!

The horn itself is pretty sparkly when you touch it. It's pretty 'thin' sparkle, which you can't really see in the water after crumbling ~

You simply crumble it under the running water, and there'll be bubbles immediately 

Also, I expected it to create more colorful water, but in my opinion it was more a mixure of any color in it, which looked a little grey-brown-ish with a litte pink shade. I guess the grey-ish color comes from the purple in the Unicorn Horn. But to me, the color didn't matter that much, so I wasn't disappointed, a lot.

Very nice was, that it is really bubbly! Sure, it is a bubble bar ;3 
To fill my bathtub it needs a pretty long time, so there was more and more bubble ♡

I can really recommend this lovely bubble bar to everyone that loves the scent of lavender ♡
It is a really stong lavender scent, so it may not be good for those, who don't like those scents ~

Here is the description of the LUSH website ♡

LUSH website 'Unicorn Horn'

I've turned into a LUSHicorn x3

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