Saturday, January 3, 2015

My New Years Eve ♡

On New Years Eve I normally go to my grandparents place together with my parents.
Thsi year I decided not to do so, because I haven't spend that day at my own home, EVER!
My boyfriend had to work until 6pm so I had a bunch of time to clean up my room and to get ready ♡
The day before, after I was at the gym, I went shopping a bit ~ there I finally got a hand on the LUSH lipstick with 50% off ♡ at another shop I got those lashes, which was actually the "tester/show case" one, but it was the last one available so I got it with 10% off ♡

Those two things where my highlights for New Years Eve makeup ♡
I absolutely fell in love with those lashes! ♡ they're my new favorites from now on ♡

Well, so I got ready, took a shower, did my nails, dressed up and did my makeup ~

My parents left home right before my boyfruend came over. My boyfriend took a shower first and meanwhile I prepared dinner for us ♡

I guess this is the most romantic thing I've ever prepared ♡ so we ate while listening to some music (slow Michael Jackson songs, since I have a crush on him again for the past weeks ♡)

We talked a lot about funny things as well as some serious topics ~
Later, near midnight it got more and more serious and I thought maybe we should go outside to do some fireworks too. 
2014 lots of shit happened to me and I'm kinda superstitious in some things. My mum says, that we do fireworks on New Years to chase away bad ghosts for the upcoming year.. (I don't if that is why they generally do that in my country, or if its just.a family thing)
So we went over to my grandparents house (which is just across the street) where my parents and my aunt and uncle already started with the fireworks ~

I'm always hella scared, which is why I prefer to stay inside normally..
I think it's extremely dangerous those days, especially where I live.. (I've seen young boys throwing things in the subway hall way/to the stairs and such things D:)
There also crashed some glass when we left the house..
but ANYWAY, I did my thing, greeted my family for the new year, and than my boyfriend and me went back to my room to continue celebrating alone ♡

It was a nice evening/night/celebration ♡

But I felt sorry for my bestie who stayed alone at home ._.

Hope you all had a nice New Years Eve and Beginning of 2015 ♡

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