Friday, January 30, 2015

My vegetarian lifestyle ♡

Hey little faeries! ♡

I thought I could tell you, how I chose to eat through the past 4 years, without meat ~

First, I'll tell you about the background and how I started.
Well, in 2011 I decided to  loose 'some' weight. I don't want to get into it too far, so I just tell you I've become anorexic at that time.. At the same time there were some scandals around meat and eggs, so I took this as an excuse to stop eating meat for the first time.
My mum accepted it but was worried, that I may don't get enough protein and such, so she started buying meat subsitutes for me.
When I was down to a weight that I liked I started to eat meat again. I don't know how that happened.

From that on there were phases were I stoped and started eating meat again and again.

In 2013, how I already mentioned in my 'Start a healthier life! ♡' post, I decided to become vegetarian. I didn't know much about it at that time and learned a lot from my boyfriend, who started being vegetarian in 2012.

It is very hard to think about all the things, so I may forgot something, but I tried my best!

So now, I want to tell you, what it means to me, when I say I'm vegetarian/pescetarian, what I still eat, what material I don't use, and so on..

♡ = I do eat/use/like/support  
~ = use sometimes/trying to avoid, but not fighting for it/I'm in conflict 
× = I don't use/eat/like/support

As for food:
I still eat fish from time to time; sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less; that's why I call myself 'pescetarian' more often than saying 'vegetarian', when I eat fish, I mostly  eat salmon or prawns

× obviously I don't eat meat

♡ I do eat several meat substitutes (I may do a post about them)

♡ I do eat eggs

~ I try to drink less cow milk, cause I realized that we aren't meant to drink milk, from another living being, but I still eat things, which include milk, as well as cheese (I can't live without cheese!!)

× I try to avoid sweets with gelatin in it

~ I don't drink many juices, but I try to avoid drinking those cleared with gelatin. But when I really want to try something, I'd still drink it when gelatin is in it

♡ I do love Tofu! But unfortunately I don't eat it that often.. but I try!

♡ I eat honey, and always will since honey is one of the most healthiest things in this world

As for clothes and cosmetics:
× when I shop for cosmetics, I only buy from companies that claim to be cruelty free (all cosmetic products I still have from former times, I use up, and replace them with cruelty free ones, when I have to buy something); I don't care if they're vegan or not

♡ I do also use some apps, to get an overview about products that are cruelty free
♡ my hair dresser is a flagship salon of Paul Mitchell (which is a cruelty free line)

× I don't buy clothes which include sheep wool or angora 

×  in winter, I also don't buy coats/jackets with any sort of fur trim, since there was the scandal about several animal hair types claimed to be fake fur; also I look for ones without down feathers

~ I may have taken or currently take medicine which may be tested on animals, but my point of view is: I could have died already without medicine, so I try to help stop animal cruelty due my lifetime, which is given to me du those medicines

There are many other things in life, which can be replaced with a vegetarian/cruelty free alternative, such as pillows, furniture, household cleansers, and all those household things in general. But I'm not at this point in life yet, cause I still live with my parents and they won't change a thing for that ~

So what type of vegetarian am I?
I've honestly no idea what to call my lifestyle, since I have many vegetarian but also vegan components, as well as some ecological supporting ones.
I think I don't need a specific name for it. I eat vegetarian food sometime so I'll #vegetarian, when I eat pescetarian I'll #pescetarian, and if I bought something cruelty free I'll go #crueltyfree x3
(feel free to tell me, when you have an idea how to call it anyway xD)

People always ask vegetatrians why they don't eat meat, and why they are vegetarian, and why they do this and that.. A lot of people say, that they do it for the animals, cause they love animals more than humans. Personally, I don't see it that way, but that doesn't mean that I think there wrong. It's simply not my motive.
But honestly.. I can really tell why I live that way. It just started for me some day and I liked it, and now I identify myself with it and I actually like to do it. It's kinda fun for me.

I wouldn't even say, that anyone inspired me to do so, but there are many people out there, who do their best to introduce others to the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle and to explain, what it really means, going much further than the subject of animal cruelty.

Here's e.g. Morgan Joyce, which I found through this video without looking for it.

Other YouTubers are Cruelty Free QT's (Morgan Joyce and her mother)
Nicole GreenleafIra Vampira (german) and sooo many more cute people!

I feel good the way I chose to live! 
Do what makes you happy!

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