Friday, January 2, 2015

My Xmas month 2014 ♡

Hey little faeries!

I want to show you what I looked like on the Xmas days and which oresents I got,
and also want to tell you what was going on over all ~

First of all Saint Nikolas Day, December 6th ~
That are the presents I got from my parents and my aunt&uncle!
♡ A new pair of Nike leggins for the gym
♡ lots of chocolate
♡ and Kryolan lashes

The day itself wasn't really special so there's nothing else to tell xD

On December 24th, Christmaseve, me, my mum and my dad went to my grandparents and met my aunt and uncle ~ my boyfriend had to work so came later that day..
First we ate something all together and talked and so on.
When my boyfriend came over we unpacked our Xmas presents ♡

That's what I got that day  ♡

December 25th, "Xmas Day 1"?, my aunt and my uncle came over to my parents place where we had some cake first and later dinner together ~
If tried something diffrent with my clothes, wearing my red glittery Booo shirt  ♡
And from my aunt and my uncle I got another sports bra as well as a training towel ♡

December 26th, "Xmas Day2"?, we went to my grandparents place again ~
As always, food was the main thing! My family is obsessed with food and eating lots of food, and celebrate everything only to be able to eat lots and lots ~
This was the first year I didn't eat meat! Eventhough there were phases in the past years where I already didn't want to eat meat, I always ate it on Xmas - but not this year!

And I have to say, it was the best thing ever! It was the first year I didn't overeat, so I felt amazing sitting on the dining table, being full but in the right amount!

I was very happy after that meal, so that I could still smile afterwards!
It just tunred worse again, when my other other aunt came later, which haven't seen me in like half a year ~
So she asked me a bunch of questions, also personal things, and I became so angry! 
Like I don't even know if she realised that I was in hospital, and feeling the need, to do what ever makes me happy!
What happened with your lashes?
What are you currently doing?
Why don't you just move somewhere else to study?
What's your most unusal place to have sex?
like.. WTF?!

So stupid questions!

So I was extremely happy, when the Xmas days were finally over!

Well.. still I hope you had a good December and a nice Xmas time!

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