Saturday, January 17, 2015

Start a healthier life ♡

Hey guys! 
Lately I watched how many people I'm sourrounded from, especially in my family, having several problems with their health and are suffering from several diseases..

With 19 years I was already suffering from lumbago (lower back pain) and since I have my boyfriend, who's really healthy, and always talking about being healthy and eating healthy things, I started thinking about getting healthy aswell..

So it was clear: I was going to live a healthier life!
End of March, my boyfriend and me went to his former fitness studio and we got registered! 

And I have to say, it was the best decision in my life!
Eventhough, I got into hospital two months later..

I also started to eat healthier due this time!
..and I posted it on instagram to get an overview about what I eat in a day,
and also not to be able to 'cheat'

We also went back to be vegetarians at that time!
My boyfriend is at that point 36 weeks without any meat ~
I decided to be pescetarian, since I really love fish, especially salmon and shrimps, and going without it completely I wasn't able to manage in the mental state I was (and still am) ~
I also had some weak points, where I ate meat, so I'm really vegetarian/pescetarian from August 1st til now!

Due the time I began to go to the gym regulary, I also started to buy lots of gym clothes, which I'm going to show you in another post ~

in conclusion:

(I don't count my hospital time in)
I feel so much better since I started to live this healthier life! And I don't regret any of the decisions I did!
I don't regret the money I spend in it, I don't regret to stand for my believes in front of my family, even though we're constantly in conflicts from that on..
As I said, it was the best decision I ever made in my life so far!
And anybody, who may be afraid of any of those steps, I promise you, you'll find your way to feel amazing!
It may not be the way I'd taken, but there is definitly one that suits you the best!
And you'll find people who support you!

As for me, I'll keep going to the gym, will stay vegetarian/pescetarian, getting into clean and healthy eating!

It makes me happy! And that's what I'm going for in future! ♡

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