Friday, January 23, 2015

Unicorn Headband ♡ by DollyDarling

In my last post, I said I've turned into a LUSHicorn after my 'Unicorn Horn' bubble bath and I just realized that I haven't show you this amazing headband I got from DollyDarling! ♡

It is an amazing little shop I found through tumblr some day, and then I looked through her website and saw that lovely Sweets headband and fell in love! ♡

First I ordered a similar one, the Pic n Mix Deer Headband. Everything was very fast and she had sent me a mail, that my package will leave soon ~
When I got the Email that it will go out the next day, I saw the PIC N MIX UNICORN HEADBAND, which wasn't in store, when I ordered.
So I've sent her an Email and asked her, if it is possible to switch it, even though I oredered the other one.
She answered that it isn't a problem at all and that she switch it for me and that it will go out that day ~
It was sooo nice! ♡ I love that headband!
I still wish, that I could have the Deer one anyway, but I hardly could afford that one ;_;
They're both soo cute and sweet and lovely in the design ♡

I really don't regret buying it, even though there aren't many situations I can wear it ~

You should really visit her shop, as well as her Instagram ♡

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