Sunday, February 1, 2015

Announcement! I'm going semi-vegan for February! ♡

Hey little faeries! ♡

I do have a big Announcement! I'm going semi-vegan/clean eating for February! ♡

A friend in university told me about that she is 'semi-vegan' now and told me what that means for her.
I also googled it, but there it was said that it is a kind of 'flexitarianism' whith which I disagree,from my point of view..

No matter what's the definition of it, I'll call it like that anyway!

To me it means and will mean, that..

♡ I'm going to eat lots of fresh and clean fruits and vegetables
× I'm quitting on eating meat substitutes
~ eating as less dairy products as possible (since I still live with my parents, and have to eat what my mum cooks)
× no fried foods, like the fish burger I always eat out
× no precessed foods, like cheese and other breakfast things
~ no sweets (except for a piece of chocolate with high level  of cacao from time to time)
♡ soy yogurt, soy milk, almond milk
× no overly processed foods (as far as possible)

I will eat non-vegan/clean foods when I don't have another option!

That is, what semi-vegan/clean eating will mean for me this month! ♡

I do have already enough stress with other things, and I don't want food being one of them, which it would be when I'd be strict vegan for this month.

I feel already like shit the way I eat, which is one reason, and probably the most important one, why I decided to do this for this month.

I am and feel always bloated, and have a lack of energy. I feel like crap those days, and eating became something I'd rather skip.
But food means so much for me, since I realized that starving is horribly unhealthy for your body and your mind! That's why I decided to take a break from unhealthy foods, and to eat as clean as possible! ♡

I hope some of you can understand it, and won't hate me for my decision ♡ I really want to feel free!

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