Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Food Diary ~ part 3 ♡ Day 7,8 & 9 ~ Semi-Vegan/clean-eating for February ♡

Breakfast - rye bread roll/bun (?) with daiya cheddar style slices

Snack/lunch-thingy - Alpro soy raspberry-cranberry yogurt with frozen berries again
green tea + apple tea

Dinner - potatoes and green beans

Dessert - aplro cremoso apple strudel 
Breakfast - a bun, one half with Hummus a dear friend recommended me, and I always was too afraid to try Hummus before. It is really not that bad, it doesn't taste like anything you can compare it with, it just has it's own flavor and I actually really like it now! :3

Snack while learning - Oreos! 

Snack - (looks very boring since I always have those yogurt, but it's actually not!)
alpro soy blackberry yogurt with frozen blackberries on top
another bun, with Hummus and some veggie 'meat'-slices (I really don't know how to call those)
green tea + apple tea (as always!!)

Dinner - my mum said I'll get some broccoli but while cooking she realized that there isn't enough for me left so I had black salsify with tomatoes and french fries

Breakfast - 2 slices whole grain bread, one with Hummus and the other with marmelade/jam
alpro pear-peach yogurt (which is my absolutely favorite of the small ones now!)

'Lunch' - another 2 slices whoe grain bread with Hummus and Veggie meat slices
And I also had some Oroes for learning again as well as some chocolate ~ ups

Dinner - !this is not vegan
It has cheese in it, but I really didn't want to say my mum, that I won't eat it.
I didn't told my parents about being semi-vegan cause they would have freaked out! They already hate that I'm pescetarian..
I didn't felt bad about eating it, neither I felt bad after it, I only felt that my body isn't used to 'get' cheese anymore! So that already changed in my body!

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