Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Food Diary ~ part 7 ♡ Day 22, 23 & 24 ♡ semi-vegan/clean eating for February

Breakfast - one bun with Hummus, 1/2 slice Wilmersburger vegan cheese (type mushroom), 1 slice daiya cheddar style cheese
big glass Soy Macchiato

Dinner - rice, vegan nuggets, vegetables

Breakfast - one bun with Hummus and 1/2 slice vegan cheese again
Lunch snack - Alpro Cremoso Applestrudel
Dinner - potatoes and green beans
dessert - alpro pear-peach soy yogurt

I became sick, so I had like zero appetit..
Breakfast - 1 slice whole grain toast with Hummus and cheese (again o.o), alpro raspberry-cranberry soy yogurt
Glass Soy Macchiato, green tea + apple tea

Dinner - just a bowl turkish rice
(I love turkish rice!)

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