Friday, February 20, 2015

Food Diary ♡ Valentines Day~2 years anniversary ♡

Hey little faeries! ♡

I decided to make a seperate blogpost for this Food Diary, since that is exactly why I decided not to be strictly vegan, but semi-vegan for February ~

I didn't want to be stressed for that day, since it was my 2 years anniversary with my boyfriend, and I decided to leave the restaurant things to him, cause I had to study a lot that month.

pretty basic and boring breakfast - a bun with Hummus and Veggie slices

I didn't ate anything through the day because I filmed a long getting ready video for my Valentines look and was very stressed and nervous, since my parents also had friends over and such.

Later my boyfriend came over to get me.
He actually was so extremly nice and looked for a vegan restaurant too! 
But we decided to go to my favorite italian restaurant instead, where we had our dinner two years ago, the day we became a couple ♡
 I had homemade pasta with a cherrytomatoe sauce and shrimps and scampis in it, so it was pescetarian again, as normal for me

and we shared a tiramisu as dessert ♡

You see? This would have been way less romantic and much more stressful when I would have said, that I'm strictly vegan that month ~
I don't say it's impossible to eat out romantic when being vegan, but for me it was just not the right time to do so..

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