Tuesday, March 10, 2015

♡ Update: Everything I got from LUSH until now! ♡

Bath bombs:
♡ 2 cinders bath bombs
♡  Golden Wonder bath bomb (present from my mum)
♡ Twilight bath bomb
♡ Blackberry bath bomb
♡ Lush Luxury Pud bath bomb

♡ Melting Marshmallow Moment bath melt
♡ Snow Angel Luxury Bath Melt (present by a friend)

Bubble Bars:
♡  Magic Wand bubble bar
♡ lots of Unicorn Horns (I lost count on them )
♡ Candy Mountain bubble bar

♡ Snow Cake soap
♡ Fairy Ring soap
♡ Honey I washed the kids soap
♡ Snow Fairy shower gel

♡ First Snow dusting powder
♡ Charm liquid lipstick
♡ Dream steam steam tab (as sample)
♡ Santa's lip scrub (one as sample)
♡ Blousey Banana shampoo sample

I hope I can use it all up this year, haha!
Send help! 

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