Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Trying to be back! ♡

Hey little faeries!

I'm soo sorry for not posting in the last couple of months again! ;3;

I've been very busy with university and work and stuff like that and haven't felt like I could actually post something interesting for you guys.
Nothing special happened this year unfortunately so there wasn't anything big to write about..

But now I planned to change everything and make my life more fun! x3

Some big changes have lead me to this point where I decided that I don't want to live the way I used to live. Right now I can't really talk about those things, but maybe I will some day.

The facts about my life right now are:

I'm student for Japan Studies
started an online course in Nutrition Coaching
Going to be more active on my YouTube channel
planning to have fun with lots of friends
planning to experience all kind of new things
broke as f*ck
looking for a job
going to realize my dreams about myself
and generally to have fun! ♡

My wish is to be happy (or happier at least) and so I'm planning to work hard for those things and I hope I'll meet a bunch of new people due my journey ♡

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