Thursday, March 31, 2016

How I save money ♡ || without a job ||

Hey little faeries!

I want to share some easy tricks to save up money, even if you don't have a job/big income.
Maybe if your still young enough to get an allowence from your parents, or from your family members.

Like, when I was younger, I did get 25€ every month from my parents, and additionally some money for Xmas or my birthday. All this money would be saved in an savings accout that I opened up when I was 10 years old.

As I got older I got more money from my mum, up until this day. This money will be transferred to my second bank account every beginning of the new month. But I don't have a job right now.
(unfortunatey I had to quit my job and didn't get a new one yet)

So here are my little tricks how I save up the small amount of money that I have every month

Open up an Savings account that you don't touch
unless there is a big emergency, like you have to buy a new car/aptop,phone etc. and save up for something big that you always wanted, like a trip to another country e.g.

Use piggy banks
- Pick a bill
Pick a bill in your mind (like 1€/1$ ; 2€ ; 5€/5$ ; 10€/10$ etc), and everytime you get that bill, you put it in your piggy bank. And whenever it is full, put it in your savings account
or - Throw all your small coins in it
Whenever it is full, go to your bank to get them changed into actual bills and put them into your savings account

Use the H&M Conscious concept to save 15%
For those of you who don't know this already, H&M has a special offer, where you bring them a bag of old clothes that you don't where anymore and they give you a coupon for 15% off of one item of your next purchase.
That way you can get rid of clothes that you no longer need or wear and also save up some money the next time ou buy something.
Read more in the following links:
H&M Conscious (DE site)
H&M Conscious (US site)

Right now, I have around 9 or 10 of these coupons in my purse, and I also gave some to my mum. So I can save quite some money this way.

Don't go to the cinema, make a movie night at home instead
there are places you can lend movies/dvds for a small amount of money.
make your own popcorn or other snacks (that way you can even make healthier choices too ;3)

Meal prep, instead of eating out
the money you spent on food while you're on the run will really add up and you won't even noticing until you see that you don't have much money left by the end of the month.
So prepare meals at home to take with you, like for school or if you meet with friends.
Also, don't meet friends at a restaurant. Go out and have a picknick instead or meet at one of your houses and cook together

Cut other Expenses
like a tanning membership, or any other memberships that you don't use

Simplify your life
get rid of stuff that you no longer need and also try not to get new things that you don't need, like anoher black tank top even though you already have 10 of them in your closet.

Create an wishlist for Holidays
For holidays or festives like Xmas or your birthday, create a wishlist e.g. on Amazon, which you can share via E-Mail to your family, and add things, that you would have bought anyway, or things that you really need, instead of wishing for things that you just want to have.

Look for Sales/Coupons if you have to stock up
if you have to buy new makeup cause what you have is already used up or about to be used up, watch out for sales. Some drugstores have weekly sales of different brands.
! but try not to buy in bulks, cause you'll end up paying more !

I hope some of my tips can help you too!
Leave me a comment if you do anything else or if you gonna try some of my tips ;3

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