Tuesday, March 29, 2016

I'm broke || still or again?

 Last year I finally got to get my drivers license. I've been saving money for this for 10 years then. Every allowence that I got from my parents went straight to an bank account which I barey touched ever.

Over the years I've saved up a bunch of money, but from time to time I had to get money off that bank account for some important purchases like a new laptop, workout shoes, or if I just didn't have any money left.

I aways thought the money I saved up would be enough for my license, but unfortunately that wasn't the case in the end.
I had to lend money from my parents.. they haven't set any time I have to pay it back, but I want to get off my debts as soon as possible..

The one problem is that I don't have any income currently..
I started working in a fitness studio back in September last year, but I had to quit this job shortly after again cause they didn't follow the contract.. and also as I did quit they didn't pay me for my last month.

Up until now I still didn't get my money and didn't get a new job even though I try to get one since then..

Hopefully there will be a chance for me to make some money any time soon!

The next post will be about tips how to save money when you don't have a job, so watch out for this ;3

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