Sunday, April 3, 2016

Big room decluttering / re-arrangement ♡ || the plan, the beginning and phase 1 ||

Hey little faeries!

End of March I started to cul and declutter my whole room in order to re-arrange and paint it.
I planned to do this for a while now cause I really didn't like my room anymore.
It's been like this for around 3 years. I never started to re-arrange it cuase I always said myself that I'm not gonna move out of my parents house soon anyway, so it would haven't made any sense to do anything to the room.
But now I'm saying this for so many years now, that I decided to do it now, no matter what.

My room started causing bad depression and anxiety so it was time to change something.

(I still plan to move out as soon as possible)

As I heard that my parents will go on vacation for one week in mid March, I made up an plan to change everything.
I didn't want my parents to know what I'm doing cause in the past my Mum tried to change everything that I wanted for my room and my dad wasn't very supportive ever in the past.

So two weeks before my parents went on vacation I started to throw as many things out as possible.

I throw out too large IKEA bags with paper. Stuff from school, like from grade 1 till the very last year. Broshures, flyers, old mails, boxes from deliveries etc.
I did also cull my makeup collection and my wardrobe.

I took really everything out of every cabinet/cupboard/closet that I had in my room and decluttered it.

Look forward for part 2 and the upcoming video on my YouTube channel! ;3

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