Monday, October 10, 2016

My tricks to re-arrange my room spending as least as possible ♡

Hey little faeries!

As mentioned in one of former blogposts, I re-arranged my room by my own and tried to spend as least money as possible, cause I want to save up money to pay off my debts by the end of the year.

I want to share with you my little "tricks" to save money and still make your room pretty ♡

1. Declutter your room before you start anything else
That way it will be easier to figure out how much space in your cupboard/wardrobe/closet

2. Look if your parents have any paint leftovers, like on the attic or the basement storage.
|| My plan was to paint my whole room white, I looked for white paint. Luckily my parents had some buckets with white paint on the attic. || this may not be working for you, if you want another color. ||

3. Try to re-arrange your room without buying new furniture
|| While thinking about changing my room I draw the outlines of my room on a piece of paper and measured every piece of furniture that I had.
Next step was to think about which pieces have to stay on some specific place (for me it was my bed) and planned from this point on what I want to have next to it on the right side, and next to that, and so on. In the end I was able to throw two pieces of furniture out of my room and didn't even had to buy something new ||

4. Ask friends if they have furniture that they no longer want or need
Maybe one of your friends does re-arrange his room too?
|| One of my best friends did her room some months ago, and no longer wanted her desk and her chair, so I asked her if I can take it off her shoulders. She would have thrown it away, so she was happy not having to deal with it. I asked her how much money she wants for the stuff, and she said, I don't need to pay her at all. So I'm gonna invite her some dinner instead or drive her to Ikea to help her getting herself new furniture||

5. If you have to buy something, look for used products or sales
|| I had to get some wall shelfs, so I went on ebay and looked for some used Ikea shelfs ||

I hope some of these tipps might help some of you if you want to change anything about your room!

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